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About Me: I am a retired psychotherapist and a retired career coach. I am still a work in progress (aren't we all?) doing my best to be kind and pay attention.

My passion is things that connect us. Let's face it, the other stuff (anger, divisions, hatred) just isn't working for us, is it? We must find new ways to solve problems -- ways that don't include war, hunger and suffering.

One Kabbalah belief is that every good deed, no matter how small, creates sparks of energy that heal the world. We need lots of sparks. My contribution is -- a collection of stories that connect us, true stories of synchronicity that one visitor called "a tap on the shoulder from the Divine."

About Mindful Blog:

The focus is on synchronicity, forgiveness, gratitude, being present, random acts of kindness.

Water Wings is an archive of monthly columns before the change to a monthly Mindful.

The Career Change archives are articles written for a career website,

Signs of Hope are big or small acts of kindness, courage, strength or connection that have caught my attention.

With every good wish,

Jane Allen